5000 Avenue of the Stars ​Kissimmee, FL  (407) 459-6188

      So when do we get serious??:

  • We understand that a tournament is a major weekend commitment,
    so Star Island's goal is to run the most organized tournaments possible.

  • Our Tournament Draws are kept up to date on-site and on-line at all times.
    As soon as a your kids come off the courts we'll have the match results posted online.

  • You want information, we have it.  Rain delays are inevitable in Central FL. If something
    is affecting us, we'll have it posted on our Twitter feed at:
  • Our USTA Certified Tournament Director, Referee, and Court Monitors are always nearby

      Our philosophy about junior tournaments:

  • We take our tennis seriously, but at the end of day it's all about having fun!
  • Star Island isn't just a USTA Tennis Center, it's a full resort environment
    wrapped around 9 hard courts including our beautiful grass-bleacher stadium.
  • We have 2 swimming pools and a hot tub right next to the courts,
    a mini golf course,an inflatable bounce house, a full gym, and a day-spa.
    There's even a lake with fishing or  jet ski and paddle boat rentals.

  • We have a mini-mart and deli on-site offering player discounts!
  • There's a pool-side DJ and there's music playing all day, but it's good music
    and you can make requests!!

  • Kids can get temporary tattoos and face painting
  • There are 2 bars with TVs playing the Tennis Channel or other major sports...
    Parents, you can relax, grab a drink, and enjoy the resort while your kids play

      What the Parents Should Know:

  • Straight From the USTA:
    Imagine if immediately after leaving your place of employment you are criticized for everything
    you did wrong that day.... Why didn't you return that call, why did you misspell that word, why didn't
    you make that sale, why don't you know that computer program yet, you do things too slow, you lack
    confidence, etc...... After the match, please give your child at least 2 hours to breathe and relax. Ask them
    where they would like to go to eat. Tell them you were proud of them and compliment their effort.
    them how much you love them and give them a lot of kudos for chasing around a small, fuzzy yellow
    ball in 90* heat with a LOT of nervous adults watching them.

  • Straight From Us:
    Kids are like sponges... they absorb what's around them, especially from their parents! If you're feeling
    stressed and nervous about their match, they know it. Relax and enjoy the day so your kids can too.
    Kids put enough pressure on themselves to win. Don't remind them of what they've done wrong, be
    encouraging and be proactive in helping them learn how to manage the pressure... turn it into something 
    positive! Be aware of your body language. You probably already know that your kids are constantly
    looking to see where you are, hoping that you just saw the great shot they hit. They're also looking to
    see if you saw them miss that easy sitter... and nothing is worse for a kid than seeing a look of
    disappointment from their parents. Don't live vicariously through your kids... If you have to react,
    just give it a little laugh. Let them know that you're confident in their game... that you know if
    they had that same shot 10 times they would've made it the other 9. Don't give them a reason to focus
    on their mistakes or lose confidence in themselves.

  • Above all else, MAKE TENNIS FUN!! It's a lifelong game... let's start them out the right way!

      What the Kids Should Know:

  • The #1 Reason kids quit playing tennis... Because it isn't fun anymore.
    Our goal is to change that by making our tournaments serious fun! For some kids,
    tournaments are about points and rankings. For others, it's chasing a goal of playing
    for a high school, college, or maybe even professionally. We say
    GO FOR IT!! Get out there,
    play your hardest, try your best
    , but at the end of the day... Make sure you love the game!
    Junior Tennis is full of it's ups and down. Don't focus on the shots you missed, the games you lost,
    or the opponent you think cheated you. There are too many shots, too many games, and there will
    always be another match. Learn from it, adjust your game if you need to, call an official if you have
    to, and then like the song says "Let it goooo!!" You'll remember your big wins, you'll remember some
    hard losses, but hopefully when you're done with junior tennis and move on to whatever it is
    that your future holds for you, more than anything, you'll remember the time spent between those
    matches. The time spent with your family and friends, and the time spent making new friends. Make
    that the time that counts. So our #1 goal... to make your time on AND off the court here the best time
    it can possibly be.

What are Junior Tournaments like at Star Island??
It's not just another tournament...
we're here to have fun!!!